Transport and Thyrovate – New Myokem Products For 2016

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Myokem, a company most famous for their top rated pre-workout product, Nitramine, and potent fat burner, Pyroxamine, have released two new products, Thyrovate and Transport. There has been a lot of hype about these items, and with good reason. The main ingredients in Thyrovate, Japanese mugwart, olive leaf, sensoril, and grains of paradise are designed to assist in weight loss, reduce stress, and are supposed to specifically target belly fat. Thyrovate also contains the common fat burning ingredients green tea extract and Bioperine (black pepper extract). Transport is a nutrient partitioner designed to increase insulin sensitivity and better utilize nutrients to build muscle and burn fat. Some of the ingredients are well known like cinnamon bark and Bioperine (cinnamon is well known for its function in increasing insulin sensitivity), but it also includes some wildcards such as GS4 Plus gymnema, Indian gentian, bitter melon, and amur cork tree. Each of them plays a key role in bringing up nutrient partitioning and putting on lean muscle.

Nutrient Partitioning Explained
Nutrient partitioning is the description of where the nutrients from the food you consumed are distributed in the body. Nutrients can be used as fuel (energy), for muscle repair and building, also tissue repair and maintenance, and fat storage. Is it possible that certain individuals have a better nutrient partitioning ratios? Like more calories directed to fat storage and less muscle building. The science behind this isn’t certain but it does make a lot of sense if this is true. We all know that one person that can eat anything and doesn’t gain an ounce of fat. We also know someone that looks at a dumbbell and makes gains.
Insulin Sensitivity
There are certain things we can do to help reduce body fat and gain more muscle. High intensity exercise and eating clean are certainly options! Even if you are eating right and exercising regularly it is possible to better your nutrient partitioning with nutrient partitioning agents such as Transport by Myokem. Transport helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity plays a big role in fat storage. It has been proven the more insulin released in the body the more fat that will be stored. When you eat carbohydrates your body releases insulin to metabolize blood sugars that are released from the digested food. The higher the insulin sensitivity the more insulin it will take to produce the same reaction and return blood sugars to normal. Transport will raise insulin sensitivity and prevent that unwanted fat storage.

Gaining Muscle
Greater amounts of nutrients sent to make muscle gains is also important. It is difficult to gain muscle. Everyone knows that muscle is not easy to build and it takes hard work. What is even more frustrating if your own body is sending more of those calories to be stored as fat rather than rebuilding and gaining new muscle tissues. Even worse is if they nutrients are just being wasted and expelled. This is a tough concept to ponder.

Fat Storage
Fat storage and fat loss can both be combated with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and low stress levels. In a perfect world we could have all that. In a realistic world not everything happens the way we want it to sometimes. No one is perfect. Supplementing with a thermogenic product like Thyrovate can ensure your body is in a constant fat burning mode. Along with fat burning thermogenesis, Thyrovate also provides appetite suppression. Food cravings can ruin your day. The desire to eat good food isn’t always there and you need some extra motivation sometimes. Don’t let those cravings happen with Thyrovate!

Ways to get better partitioning ratios:

• High intensity exercise or cardio (ex. Supersets or sprints)
• Adequate sleep
• Proper hydration
• Eating good sources of fats,carbohydrates, and proteins
• Reduce stress levels
• Adding fat burning/nutrient partitioning agent supplements


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