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The Importance of Using a Food Scale

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Imagine owning a car without a speedometer or a gas gauge.

How long would it be before you were pulled over for speeding or someone on your bumper screaming at you to go faster?
How long would it be before you ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?

The importance of using a food scale is the same concept. Do you know how much, especially macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), you are consuming on a regular basis?

Eyeballing Method

Some people use My Fitness Pal and other apps to track their macronutrient numbers. I often ask people if they own or use a food scale to weigh their food. More often than not people do not use a food scale. I then ask them how they are entering amounts into these apps to track macronutrients. Regardless of the answer I will inform them that just eyeballing amounts is not a proper way. Put a piece of chicken in front of someone and they will guess all over at how many ounces it actually weighs.

Prepackaged Products

People also chose to go the route of purchasing prepackaged products to better track their caloric consumption. It does make it easy because every package will roughly tell how many servings each package contains and how many calories for each serving. Several downfalls happen from a health and financial standpoint. Prepackaged products often contain many preservatives and dramatic amounts of sodium. Other than that the freshness of the product itself is questionable. Prepackaged products also can cost way more than fresh products. Precut and cooked chicken (10 ounces) may cost as much as 2 pounds of fresh chicken.

Food Scale Method

Meal prep
Time/Effort: Yes it does take some extra time weighing out every meal. Each meal only takes an extra minute or two to weigh out. If you were to weigh out 6 meals in a day that would be 20 minutes at the most. There are 24 hours in a day, therefore I’m sure you can find the time!

Making Progress: Weight loss and muscle gain can both be enhanced by weighing out your meals. If you want to make progress in muscle gain you need to reach certain amounts of macronutrients for maximal progress. Weight loss is very difficult to begin with, so why make the process even harder by just guessing how much you are actually consuming? Many people are either eating far too much or too little.

Bottom Line: Food scales are cheap (around $15-30). I would suggest getting a digital scale and one that just has simple settings (oz, grams, pounds, and kg). Avoid getting ones that have all the unnecessary features.

Food scales are easy to operate. It only takes minutes a day to weigh out food.

It is very easy to buy whole natural foods and look up nutrition facts online. Online nutrition info these days is vast and can be very deceiving at times. I recommend cross referencing a few sites to ensure the information used is accurate.

You want to get the most out of your nutrition to make progress. You might want to lose the most fat as possible. Everyone definitely wants to get the most for their dollar at the grocery store. So why not use a food scale? The bottom line is simple. Use a food scale!