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Suppz Athlete Kadu Wins Super Heavyweight Division At Junior Nationals

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Suppz athlete, Kadu Fernandes (@kadufm on Instagram), recently competed in and won his class in the Super Heavyweight division at Junior Nationals! Kadu works here at Suppz.com and does international sales for us, specializing in his home country of Brazil. Kadu wrote this blog to share his prep leading up to the show and his experience competing in and winning his class at a national level bodybuilding show.


After having a pretty bad left knee injury (meniscus) at the end of 2017 and having to stop my contest prep for the Arnold Sports Amateur, I did not know when I would be able to compete again. It started to haunt me. It kept me up at night and I wouldn’t feel complete until I succeeded. After improving my physique and changing the way I work out my legs, needless to say, I was hungrier than ever. I decided that NPC Jr Nationals in Chicago was next on my radar. I decided to give Junior Nationals a shot because in 2017 I did this same show and got 3rd place at the Open Bodybuilding Super heavyweight division. I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of winning a national level show.

Prep & Training

I started to work with my coach, Chris Aceto, 16 weeks out from the contest. My body weight at the end of the off season was 285lbs. During all the prep there was nothing fancy diet wise, we just started to adjust down a little the food (I was eating almost 7000kcal/day) and went from there based on how my body responded until the day of the show. Supplement wise I was using the basics: a good pre workout (Previde XP), carbs and aminos (Aminovide) intra-workout, and some Whey Protein Isolate (Isovide) with my pre workout meal.

The training stayed the same as always: hard and intense with a mix of progressive overload and some extra metabolic work with some isolation exercises. The idea was to keep training as heavy as possible as I usually do, staying true to what brought me where Im today. I nerver had to overdo cardio at all during all prep, it basically stayed at 30min fasted (low intensity). At some points, it went to 45min and some other days it was completely cut out. Again, it was all being adjusted as my body responded.

Posing, something that a lot of people forget to train in a contest prep, was trained every day after fasted cardio and is something that we always need to pay attention to. Your posing can always get better to showcase all the hard work put in to the prep on that stage.

We didnt have to cut out water or sodium in the last week as my body was already really lean and dry and the water and sodium were helping to keep my muscles full and round. I know it may sounds boring not having some big changes or special tricks, but when you are ready and have put the necessary effort to be at your best, there’s no need to make crazy changes.

The Show

I woke in the morning of the show feeling ready, and pre judging went really well as I was in the first call out. From right after pre judging until the finals at night the idea was just to relax, rest, and eat up a tad more to fill up my muscles. At the finals I did my thing on stage, walked off was called back out. When I heard my name as the NPC Jr Nationals 2018 Super Heavyweight Open Bodybuilding winner I was very very happy as I had accomplished exactly what I set out to do – work as hard as possible every single day and win a national show.

My next goal now is the NPC North Americans on September 1st, where I have a chance to win my IFBB pro card and become a professional bodybuilder.