Should High School Athletes Take Supplements?

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The background:

First of all, just as a disclaimer, I have no degrees in science, nutrition, exercise, or anything of that matter.  Yes I have a bachelor’s in business and finance, but not a degree for the discussion of high school athletes using supplements.  The background that counts though, is 15 years coaching varsity baseball, 15 years of owning gyms, and 15 years in the business of selling supplements as the Founder/CEO of Suppz.  You can even toss in 5 years of coaching football, 20 years of weight training, and thousands and thousands of conversations regarding supplements with customers.

Why now?

People that know me know I’m not much of a writer or a person to “blog”.   I recently had a conversation with a parent…..again, and this time it annoyed me enough to write about it.  It’s never a knock to that parent, but the hypocrisy that they don’t even realize they are committing when telling me their kids shouldn’t be using whey protein or creatine.  

The Facts

First and foremost, I NEVER push supplements on kids.  Technically the WIAA, the HS sports organization in Wisconsin, prohibits the use of most supplements, and certainly prohibits coaches telling kids to take supplements.  So let’s get that out of the way right now, I’m NOT pushing pills on kids. On the other hand, I will talk to parents about what kids should/could take to help them become stronger and therefore giving them a chance at becoming a better athlete.  

What supplements kids shouldn’t take – There are plenty of supplements HS school kids should not take.  Pre-workouts, testosterone boosters, high-stimulant anything, pro-hormones, and SARMS just to mention a few.

Supplements kids can take –  There are plenty of supplements safe and effective for HS kids.  Whey protein, carbs, weight gainers, BCAA’s, and creatine are all safe and effective products for HS athletes.  A million years ago, when I was in high school, creatine was just coming to market and had a very bad reputation.  A couple college wrestlers had died of dehydration while cutting too much weight. Creatine was found in their systems and was blamed for the death through every high school weight room in the USA.  Creatine is safe and when used effectively can help with recovery and muscle growth.

Why use supplements –  Weight training, nutrition, and supplementation are more important than many of the extra lessons and games you play.  Some game time should be substituted for weight training. Skills are great and obviously needed, but without strength, those skills will never see full benefit.  Look at any college or pro athlete. Do they look like they have been skipping the gym to get extra reps in the batting cage?

After high school –  Once an athlete gets to college, most likely they are on protein and other supplements day 1.  By an athlete not taking prior, they just got behind the other athletes. Most college programs I know of have protein for the kids to take after every workout.  The strength coaches know the importance.

Where to buy from –  Don’t just go buy supplements anywhere and assume they are good because the guy, Brent, said most are safe.  Find someone you trust and can answer all your questions. This is a must! If you happen to live in Wisconsin, hit up your local Suppz store and ask them.  We carry top brands, have the best prices, and our staff has been trained to answer your questions (sorry for the plug).  

In Final

This article should probably have been titled more like why athletes need proper weight training and nutrition, but that is boring and nobody would read it because they already know that.  Weight training is incredibly important for a HS athlete, and supplements used properly will accelerate that hard work. Again I’m not pushing pills on kids, and if you don’t want your son or daughter using supplements, that is perfectly fine and your decision.  I just want it understood that it’s not cheating if someone else does, and that they aren’t wrong in doing soon. This should a fun debate and I would love to hear comments and feedback. You can email me at [email protected] or follow me on Instagram and message me there @brentsuppzceo.  Thanks for reading.