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Purus Labs Responds to Amino Spiking – Clear Facts

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If you’re not familiar with amino-spiking, it’s basically a way for manufacturers to sell you a cheaper, lower quality product, without reflecting that on the label. It makes it really difficult for customers to decide which protein is actually good quality.

You can read about it in detail here

Purus Labs was not one of the companies spiking their protein, and they have come up with a solution to prove it.

With their new Clear Facts, you can find a number on your tub of Myofeed, look it up on their website, and retrieve the Certificate of Analysis for your specific tub of protein.

How cool is that!?

CEO Brandon Smith gives quick 3 minute run-down about Clear Facts in the video below:

We just came out with our protein MyoFeed. Our premium blended protein.

I’m gonna skip the formula and all the bells and whistles and good stuff that you can read about online.
This clip here is solely to focus on the importance of our Clear Facts campaign.
It’s on the lid sticker of every protein. What Clear Facts is, really isn’t all that revolutionary, but it seems to be catching fire across the industry.

We see it as, we’re simply doing what everybody should be doing.

We are our own manufacturer, (not saying everyone has to do that) but whatever manufacturer you use, you should be testing your products, to know you’re getting from your manufacturer what you actually purchased.
We have all the lab analysis in-house.

We’re simply publishing them online for you. We have nothing to hide.

You guys know our mantra from Day 1 has been pride over profit.
We preach quality, we make quality supplements, and that’s what we’re all about.
The Clear Facts campaign just validates and proves that to the rest of the industry, and to consumers who aren’t already into our family.

You walk in a store, pick up a MyoFeed, flip it over. You see a lot number on the bottom of the jug.
Go to our website, type that lot number in, and you get an 8 page Certificate of Analysis.
We measure the protein content in every one of our production runs, and publish that online for you to see exactly how much protein is in each scoop of your exact bottle that you’re holding in your hand.

We tested for all 20 free-form amino acids, and we proved that there are no free-form amino acids in our protein.
So not only are you getting to see the exact amount of protein, you’re further getting validation that none of it comes from free-form amino acids like a lot of your other guys that are in class action lawsuits right now.

This is something that we don’t consider revolutionary. As I mentioned, every company should do this.
We make products that you buy, to enhance your performance, you put them in your body… they should be 100% what we say is on the label.
We’re simply just showing you the certificate of analysis that we already produce in-house as a manufacturer anyway, and file for the FDA.

So we will show all of our CoA’s, for all of our products, at any time, when called out. But for this one, we’re just gonna go ahead and hang ’em online, since there’s so much amino spiking going on.

Know that you’re getting what you pay for.

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