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Comparing Two Top of the Line Pre-Workout Products: Why You Should Choose Pre-Kaged Over Pre-Jym

Throughout this article, we will be going back and forth between Pre-Kaged and Pre-Jym, for easier reading, Pre-Kaged will be abbreviated by PK, while Pre-Jym will be abbreviated PJ.

In terms of pre-workouts, Pre-Kaged and Pre-Jym are about as good as you can get, so why should you choose Pre-Kaged?

Let’s first look at the ingredients:


Pre-Kaged features ingredients that have 24 global patents, and have undergone 20+clinical studies. Ingredients in PK, feature full label disclosure, are banned substance free, and are third party tested to guarantee that what is on the label is on the bottle. In total, compared to competitors, one serving of Pre-Kaged features 32 total grams of proven and tested ingredients, whereas the next closest competitor has only 26 grams of ingredients, which are not necessarily high quality or tested to the extent that Pre-Kaged is tested.

Side by side these two products look incredibly similar, at first glance. But take a closer look; Pre-Kaged features patented ingredients, whereas the ingredients featured in Pre-Jym are only generic ingredients. Let’s start with Citrulline, which is included to deliver pumps during your workout: Pre-Kaged features 6.5g, while Pre-Jym features 6g. Pretty similar in dosage, but notice that the citrulline in PK is fermented, making this ingredient higher quality than the generic citrulline used in PJ. On to BCAAs: both PJ and PK feature the traditional 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, however, PJ has a slightly higher dosage at 5g of BCAAs compared to the 3.5g in PK, so PJ has the edge there, right?comp-table Not necessarily, take a closer look again: PJ yet again is using generic BCAAs, while PK features higher quality BCAAs, with only 1.5g less included. AND PK features an additional 3g of fermented L-Leucine, which is the anabolic trigger of the three amino acids. The additional 3g is going to kick start the protein synthesis process, allow your muscles to grow, and allow the recovery process to start sooner.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at the vitamins: PK features 25mg of Vitamin B6, and 500mcg of Vitamin B12, while PJ fails to include any vitamins. Another aspect of PK is 100mg of Capsicum Extract, which gives this pre-workout a thermogenic property, allowing the internal body temperature to rise and burn more calories than you would have before, and yet again PJ fails to include any thermogenic ingredients in their pre-workout formula. In addition to added vitamins, and thermogenic ingredients, PK also features Coconut Water Powder in a dose of 500mg to keep the body hydrated throughout your workout, as well as 100mg of SPECTRA which works to spike cellular oxygen consumption. This blend contains non-genetically engineered fruit, vegetable, and herbs extracts that are used to interact and influence physiological functions in the human body.

Comparing the two side by side, they are very similar in terms of creatine and betaine which both feature strength and mass properties, and both feature similar doses of beta-alanine. PK features 1.4g more Taurine and uses organic green coffee bean extract to deliver a high dose of caffeine. Making PK similar in many different aspects, but at the same time even better than PJ because of the use of highly tested and non-generic ingredients found in some cases in higher doses and even ingredients that are unique only to Pre-Kaged.

Let’s talk about the advantage of Pre-Kaged over Pre-Jym in terms of cost and quality:

Cost wise, Pre-Kaged has a slight edge over Pre-Jym at just around a dollar cheaper, which probably isn’t enough to sway you, yet. But let’s look at it from a different angle: for starters, Pre-Kaged is available for sale from multiple vendors, where as Pre-Jym is sold exclusively at Most of the time is going to be a more expensive place to shop. You are going to pay anywhere from $6-$10 in shipping costs alone, while websites such as offer free shipping on any order over $59 or free 1-2 day shipping on any order to surrounding states (WI, IL, MN, or IA). SUPPZ and similar retailers also offer tons of closeout and BOGO deals at really deep discounts. You can normally also find discount codes such as KAGED5 for 5% off all Kaged Muscle Supplements at SUPPZ.

From a quality perspective, JYM supplements have recently had questions raised about their level of quality. Jim Stoppani is usually known for badmouthing other brands and proclaiming how good his supplements are. However some people (such as Nutrabio CEO Mark Glazier in the video below) have recently began to call him out on his claims. Furthermore, at the time of this article Jim Stoppani is currently being sued by over ownership of the JYM trademark. The same source who broke the story is also questioning Stoppani’s claim that he even formulated his flagship protein, Pro Jym, as branded Protogen came out years prior and has an almost identical formula.

Nutrabio CEO Mark Glazier calls out Jim Stoppani on his claims.

In summary, we compared two very similar products. Down the line these two products feature many of the same ingredients, however, Pre-Kaged has higher quality and tested ingredients, where as Pre-Jym uses just plain generic ingredients. Pre-Kaged even takes things to another level with added hydration and thermogenic properties as well, which Pre-Jym fails to add. Cost wise the two are very similar, but looking at the ingredients and quality of Pre-Kaged, one would think Pre-Kaged should be more and not the other way around.

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