PJ Braun Interview

PJ Braun Interview

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PJ Braun, cofounder of Prime Nutrition, gives us a piece of his mind.

As you can see, he’s a very busy man! Take notes.

How did you first become interested in bodybuilding, health, and fitness?
Well its a long story that I have told quite a bit lately, but to simplify it, I wanted to be bigger for high school football!

Who has inspired you along your journey and what individual has been the most important in helping you become successful?
I would have to say my parents and my family… I have never really looked up to a bodybuilder as a mentor, I think we all would love to be the next “Arnold” but the support I have been fortunate enough to have from them helped drive me.

Prime Nutrition has exploded in popularity over the last year. What was the biggest game changer for you and the company to get this brand it’s awareness and take things to the next level?
Social Media for sure! My partner Aaron Singerman and I understood the value of the social media BOOM a bit before everyone else and we literally built the foundation of the business via grassroots social media marketing.

Prime has sponsored a lot of athletes in the last year. What are some of the qualities you look for in these athletes to represent what you want your company to stand for?
Well to reiterate what I said in the previous question, social media is very valuable so because of that we don’t even look at an athlete that doesn’t have 100K followers on Instagram. From there we really don’t care so much about simply being a “hot girl” or “jacked guy” lol. We are looking for individuals that no matter what level of fitness, are inspiring others and interacting with their followers in a helpful way. We should all be working together to build each other up!

PJ Braun inspiring other

PJ Braun inspiring others

In 2014 the signing of Evan Centopani to a 5 year exclusive contract as an athlete and executive in the business made headlines all over social media and bodybuilding outlets. Why did the relationship end so quickly?
Mostly because we had such different visions that going forward it could jeopardize a great and long friendship between Evan and I. So rather then force Evan to do things he didn’t want to do, we gave him the option to leave and paid him a great severance to help him. Now he can focus on doing exactly what he wants to do. If anything I think we helped him accelerate his growth as a business person because he has some good ideas outside of fitness and prime nutrition that I think need a ton of focus. We are still great friends. Sometimes you can take a couple great people with great ideas, but not get them to agree on one subject… neither person is “wrong” but there is no resolution that can be agreed on, and that was the case with us. We Respect Evan and we Love him as a person and want the best for him.

Since bringing the Mastermind of peri-workout nutrition John Meadows on board you have released a new product in your platinum series, Intra-MD. The results for popularity speak for themselves as the first releases of this product sold out immediately. Looking forward, what else can we expect to see with the partnership between yourself, Aaron, and John?
John is a data collecting mastermind and we have him diligently working in our secret underground lab mixing up special concoctions… lol, seriously though we have a new product John designed coming out called PARTITION-MD that once again like INTRA-MD is going to shock the world!! Stay tuned 😉

What is your favorite product in the Platinum Series?
MAX-HP without a doubt, I am really particular about my pre workouts because I am sensitive to stims, but still want the energy and pump… MAX-HP took numerous batches of sub par, to good, to great, to in my opinion now perfect before we got it right. The energy is clean, the pumps are insane, and there is no crash! All wins!

As your company continues to grow is there a specific direction you hope to take, or other business endeavors on the horizon?
Both Myself and Aaron want Prime to be recognized as a household name in the fitness community, we love everything fitness related not just bodybuilding and we have a vision of Prime being at the forefront. When People see that Prime P we want it to be as recognized as that weird sun starbucks uses as its symbol! Its going to take a lot of hard work and great products but we believe in it! As for other business endeavors I have been working with my wife Celeste on her clothing line Celestial Bodiez (www.celestialbodiez.com) and we are starting to really grow now. She has a signature rouge stitching in the rear known as the “booty scrunch” that no other designer has done before. The girls love it! The goal is to make that company a house hold name as well!

PJ Braun and wife Celeste

PJ Braun and wife Celeste

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting his or her own bodybuilding or fitness journey?
Ignore your fears and like NIKE says, just do it! Fears in life are just obstacles that we create in our mind to slow us or stop us from getting to the top of the success mountain. Its like Michael Jordan ( one of my all time favorite athletes ) says, ” I missed way more shots then I made” That all being said, there is a plethora of knowledge on all subjects right at your fingertips so for gods sake educate yourself!! If I knew what I was 20 what I know now, I may be battling for the olympia, but I am pretty damn happy with where I am in life now!

Can you tell us about Epi-Strong, the last ingredient in MAX-HP and what the benefits are from that?
Epi-Strong is our trademarked version of Epicatechin, a naturally occurring flavonoid. Flavonoids are found in plants and typically offer anti oxidant benefits. Epi-Strong in particular has shown to also inhibit Myostatin production which can help to raise the overall potential muscle mass your body can pack on. Having an all natural muscle building ingredient in MAX-HP was a no brainer for us.

Stay classy, PJ

Stay classy, PJ

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