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Oh Yeah ONE Bars VS Quest Bars: The Protein Bar War Has Begun

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The Fall of Quest

6 months ago if you had asked me what the best protein bar on the market was I would have said, “Easy – Quest. Let me show you our aisle. Yes we had an entire aisle filled with Quest bars lovingly called Quest Alley. They had great nutrition facts, ingredient profile, taste, and texture. Plus it was cool to love Quest. Everyone from crossfitters to bodybuilders to your mom had tried and loved a Quest Bar. But all good things must come to an end, and Quest has officially lost their title of best bar on the market. But don’t take my word for it, check out some of the reviews for Quest bars since they changed their fiber source without telling anyone (us included). “Soft and chewy” has been replaced with “hard as a rock.” Great taste” has been replaced with “they just don’t taste good anymore.” One thing they still own is nutritional value, but they just aren’t the tasty snack that they used to be.

One Bar - Neo Matrix

We’ve found the ONE

The Rise of The ONE Bar
Oh Yeah used to make some damn good bars and no one will dispute that. Circa 2010 I remember eating Oh Yeah Bars like they were going out of style and I loved them. The problem? Back then protein bars were like candy bars. Fortunately the industry wised up and realized that consumers wanted a healthy, tasty bar and figured out how to make it. Quest was the first to really fit that model, but Oh Yeah really nailed it. Everything Quest Bars did, One Bars do better. Not only that, but they timed it perfectly. Just as Quest was sabotaging themselves by changing the fiber source in their bars, Oh Yeah came out with their Quest killer, the One Bar.

WTF Is Isomalto Oligosaccharides?
Most of you have probably never heard of isomalto oligosaccharides (also referred to as IMO). Or if you did you probably had no idea what it was. It turns out this is the ingredient that Quest swapped out in favor of soluble corn fiber, which according to Quest has benefits over IMO including, “anti-inflammatory effects, improved immune response, and an improved and more predictable blood sugar/insulin response.”[1] While this may be true, it has all but ruined the flavor and texture of the bar for many users. Social media[2] and product reviews are full of comments from long time users that are dropping their beloved Quest Bar. Luckily for them, the Oh Yeah One Bar uses IMO just like the old formula for Quest Bars did.

A Head To Head Comparison
This is a comparison between the top 4 flavors of bars according to Suppz online and in store sales. Since the top flavors do not directly correlate this will be a general comparison and not flavor vs flavor.

Top Quest Flavors
quest bar top seller nutrition facts

Top Oh Yeah Flavors
Oh Yeah One Top Sellers Nutrition Facts


Label vs label, Quest still holds the advantage. At around 190 calories per bar it averages about 30 less calories per bar than the Oh Yeah One’s 220. Plus it appears that soluble corn fiber does have some health benefits over IMO. In the long run, unless you are eating many Quest Bars each day, the 30 calories and slightly better-for-you fiber source probably won’t make much of a dent in your diet.

Earlier this year this probably would have been closer, but with the recent formula change, Oh Yeah One wins this hands down. Many users report after trying One Bars, Quest just doesn’t taste good anymore. In our opinion you just can’t beat the birthday cake and almond bliss flavors (almond bliss uses real almonds and tastes like an almond joy bar). Common comments are that Quest bars have a “slightly chemical” flavor now. The most common comment after trying a One bar? “Yum.”

This is where the greatest variance is between bars. Quest Bars have always had sort of a tacky texture that wasn’t exactly desirable, but you overlooked it because they tasted so good and were good for you. Post fiber switch this has gotten much worse. We’ve had numerous boxes of Quest bars returned because of how hard they are. According to one customer, “I almost broke my jaw trying to eat these things.” Quest states that the new fiber source will make the bars stay softer longer, but obviously this is not the case. Oh Yeah One bars on the other hand are very soft and chewy. This is a big part of why we love these bars so much. You will notice the difference from your first bite, and we never looked back.

Oh Yeah ONE Variety Pack

Pick up your Oh Yeah ONE Variety Pack

I think it’s pretty obvious where we stand from this article. The new One bars are just too good to ignore and have Quest bars beat hands down on flavor and texture. While we do concede that Quest still holds the advantage in the nutrition department, the small difference probably won’t affect your diet much. We know it’s tough to take someone else’s word for it, especially if you’re a longtime fan of Quest bars looking for your next fix. We suggest trying out our variety pack of Oh Yeah One Bars. That way you can try all of the flavors without having to buy a box of each, or overpay by buying individually packaged bars. If you want to run your own head-to-head comparison, we also offer a Quest Bar variety pack. Try them all without breaking the bank.

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