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MyoBlox has landed at Suppz! Myoblox is a premium supplement line featuring their high powered pre workout, LOCO, Nitric Oxide/Pump BLO, non-stim fat burner RUBIX, and nootropic SKYWALK. Myoblox is one of the coolest, most innovative brands out right now and takes things to the next level with their limited run, premium series. These sell out fast and are made in very limited numbers, so make sure you act fast if you want to get your hands on them. To stay updated, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Below we included a few facts about Myoblox and what makes their products different.

Blox Micro Peptide Technology –WHY our brand is different

It takes 2,000 Gallus Gallus Eggs to create 1 kilogram. As only a specific part of the egg is withdrawn it contains many special benefits: Fibroblast growth factor which is like a Forman at a construction site that tells nutrients / proteins where to go (like a conductor).  Between us (supplies micro RNA) which is why it can support the healing / regenerating process of the body.  Neurotrophic growth factor, Brain derived growth factor.  (Supports focus, anti depression, reduces jet lag)


It yields follistatin, fibroblast growth factors, for illa it pretty adds in a strong anti-catabolic compound in the formula while supporting strength and recovery.


Yields neurotrophic growth factor so it supports stress reduction and also can support focus (not a stimulant though).


Supports muscle building, strength, recovery and supports wellbeing.

All in all Blox technology will help any product work better due to the analogs it yields.

So the concept with MyoBlox is exclusive ingredients, and the Blox technology is a focal point as it’s infused in all of the products – hence the brand is called MyoBlox


 BLOX™ (Micro-Peptides): A superior pharmaceutically standardized non-GMO embryo extract from chicken egg that contains various short chain proteins and amino acids in an endogenous form, BLOX™ is headlining a new frontier in science with its masterful ingenuity. Working at the cellular level (a VERY small amount, goes a LONG way) BLOX™ supplies all respected growth factors and short chain proteins that are made of clusters of low-molecular weight amino acid chains, which are rapidly and efficiently absorbed and transported into the body to their specific receptor sites. This advanced eastern bloc technology is unparalleled in its benefits ranging from muscle recovery to even possessing a strong anti-oxidant properties.

RealCaf™ (Caffeine derived from natural Green Coffee Beans): Superior to Caffeine Anhydrous, our Organic Caffeine is natural and derived from Organic Green Coffee Bean. Caffeine is a stimulant xanthine alkaloid compound and has been extensively documented to improve mental performance via stimulating the Central Nervous System (CNS). This widely used compound works by targeting chemical receptor sites located in the brain stimulating the central nervous system. By this stimulation, the release of key neurotransmitters such as dopamine are increased, which is a powerful brain chemical that activates pleasure centers within the brain. The dopaminergic activity of caffeine is a key reason why you attain concentration, and a feeling of wellbeing. †

Nivadren™ (Galanthus Nivalis [Bulgarian Snowdrop]): An extremely rare herb sourced from Eastern Europe, Galanthus Nivalis is sourced fresh and is in its true natural prime form which will house all of its respected bioactive properties unlike the synthetic (inferior) versions “Galantamine” or other imposter extracts from China consisting of different plant parts. This super herb supports a vast array of natural performance igniters such as reaction time and muscle contraction enhancement, breathing capacity and a tunnel vision state of focus. †

Fulvipure™ (Fulvic Acid derived from Leonardite): Considered the missing link to optimum health, Fulvic Acid has truly been natures best kept secret. It has been prized for its evident power to restore energy, increase fertility, enhance immunity, and even safeguard memory against the effects of aging. Fulvic acid is leaps and bounds effective when combining with CoQ10 as they calibrate a powerful mitochondria charge. Acting as electron shuttles Fulvic Acid can augment the speed and electron flow in mitochondria – the larger the electron flow, the greater the production of ATP (which is what I consider cellular energy fuel). What is additionally important is that Fulvic Acid has been shown to increase testosterone by 20%. However the one big and common problem with Fulvic Acid is that you cannot find a quality source. Roughly just about every source comes from shilajit, which contain impurities, pollutants and therefore lack the purity. At MyoBlox® quality is our absolute focal point, which is why we have sourced underground deposits of leonardite for virtually no impurities and absolute purity. I am excited to announce and assure you that we have one of the highest quality Fulvic Acid on market, if not the highest. – Fulvipure™

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