Krush It – VMI Sports Releases New Super Stim Pre-Workout

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Who doesn’t love high stimulant pre-workouts? For many, the stim is all that matters when they are selecting a pre workout formula. For a long time, Finaflex Stimul8 was considered the strongest non DMAA pre workout. Many users also reported extremely intense energy from Pro Supps Mr. Hyde. Whatever your preference, for the users of those products, nothing will do except to get the most energy possible from their pre workout.

Now, VMI Sports has entered a new competitor in the high stimulant pre-workout game. Krush It is one of the most intense formula’s we have ever seen. The “Focal Kinetic Krush It Matrix” (AKA Energy and Focus Blend) alone has over 1g of ingredients! While 1g may not seem like a lot, that is a very large amount for a stim/focus blend. Comparatively, Mr. Hyde has a total of 1.048g in it’s Caffeine and Intensity Matrixes, and Stimul8 has a total of 2.6g in it’s blend (combination of all ingredients).

Krush It has a legit energy and focus blend. Only Mr. Hyde compares for non DMAA pre-workouts.

How Does Krush It Compare To Other High Stim Pre-Workouts?

It’s hard to tell exactly how good Krush It is. Exact dosages are unknown due to the use of proprietary blends on the label. While it’s hard to know how the dosage of stimulants in Stimul8, Krush it appears to be the better overall blend with over 4.25g of ingredients compared to Stimul8’s 2.6g. We can say the formula looks very similar to Mr. Hyde’s formula as both blend’s top three ingredients are Choline, Caffeine, and Dicaffeine Malate. So how does it differ?

  • Inclusion of Picamilion despite the mass removal from supplements (more about that here).
  • Inclusion of Norcoclaurine HCl (Higenamine)
  • Does not contain Hordenine

While the FDA has recently made a big fuss about Picamilion, it really shouldn’t scare anyone away from this product. Picamilion is a calming agent very similar to GABA, and we have not heard of any adverse side affects associated with it.

Norcoclaurine HCl (Higenamine) is an ephedrine like ingredient, that should provide a fairly good energy boost. Overall this ingredient has received positive reviews from users and definitely adds to the formula. If we were to give this product an edge over Mr. Hyde, this would be the reason, as Hordenine (one of the focus enhancers in Mr. Hyde) has not received a ton of positive reviews, and according to a well known formulator has trouble passing the blood brain barrier.


Try it. Krush It has one of the best formula’s for a high stimulant pre-workout that we have seen. It’s not going to give you a great pump, but it will give you insane energy and focus. If you want to add a great pump enhancer to this formula, try one of our cheap non-stimulant pre workouts

***We will be testing this formula over the next few days, so check out the comments for our review!***

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