Game On! – The Top 5 Energy Supplements for Gamers

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The scene is set. Picture it along with me, it’s primetime action set for a picture perfect Saturday night. It’s about an hour before game time and for some, the biggest game of these young men’s lives. The teammates move in silence but with a vibe of confidence and quiet, hard focus. They gather as a team on their folding chairs and listen intently to the coach as they cover the strategy one last time, running through the X’s and O’s for taking on their bitter rival. They eat as a team; ensuring proper nutrition and hydration aren’t taken lightly and then gather for one last pump up session to ensure everyone is on the same page and to not let the crowd rattle them before heading out to do battle.

Now, while this description may have sounded like the setting of a college football team preparing to hit the gridiron, in reality, it was helping you picture the scene before one of many competitive gaming showdowns. The popularity of video games and competitive gaming is at an all-time high and so are the stakes associated with the matches. Prize money, sponsorship dollars and endorsement deals, the level at which competitive gaming has grown is serious business. So, it only makes sense that just like other competitive events, the competitors would want to make sure they are performing optimally, and you can bet that supplements can indeed play a part. Let’s pick up the sticks, tune the headset and zone in on the Top Supplements for Gamers.

G Fuel by Gamma Labs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years or so, chances are you’ve seen countless energy drinks come and go from the scene. Many are nothing but higher caffeine versions of soda, and provide little to no benefit, and the ‘energy’ that you’re getting is a sugar rush that is going to have you crashing down later.

Not to mention, the amount of artificial colors and non-sense fillers in many are just unneeded. Gamma Labs G Fuel was created to change all of that. With the gamer specifically in mind, G Fuel was created to be a convenient and healthier alternative to the traditional energy drink. Formulated to give you that “in the moment” focus, driven by a calm consistent energy without the imminent crash, G Fuel is one of the most versatile products out there. G Fuel comes in a variety of flavors that taste great, but G Fuel is water based and sugar free – which means that it’s better for you.

More than just a caffeine powder, G Fuel has a very modest amount of caffeine (150mg) compounded with 650mg worth of antioxidants deriving from 19 different fruits. The nutrients Vitamin C, B6 and B12 have been added to not only provide immense nutritional value to the energy supplement, but also to mesh with the antioxidants and provide unparalleled focus and concentration throughout your day.

Bang by VPX

There’s so many energy drinks out there, it’s not even funny. The reality is that most of them are simply soda with caffeine added for the ‘energy’ aspect of it, but that doesn’t do you any good if you are crashing from all that sugar in short order. VPX has hit a homerun here with Bang, as it isn’t your stereotypical high sugar, life-sucking soda masquerading as an energy drink.

From weekend warriors, to average gym joes, to fitness competitors to hardcore gamers, Bang has been a huge hit ever since it came on the scene. It is powered by a hefty 300mg of caffeine per can and paired with Creatine & BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) for added benefits.

There’s a lot of great research on creatine improving cognition and brain health, and paired with caffeine, it works synergistically to help you concentrate better, game harder and feel better. Topping it off, many note that Bang are the best tasting energy drink out there with top sellers being SourHeads, Cotton Candy and Black Cherry Vanilla.

DVST8 by Inspired

Not for the faint of heart, Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 will help you do just that to your competition. Powered by the potent stimulant DMHA, DVST8 is an energy and focus powerhouse. It doesn’t stop with just focus either. Sporting an incredible profile from top to bottom, DVST8 has ingredients that will help you in the gaming chair and at the gym, promoting blood flow, cognition and endurance.

While anyone can take DVST8 and see great effects, we do want to mention that this may be for a more advanced stimulant user because it is pretty powerful. IF you’re newer to stimulant based products, simply consider starting with ½ a scoop to assess your tolerance before picking up the controller and getting the job done.

HyperAmino by Gaspari

When you’re working away in an intense game, hours can go by without even realizing it. You forget to eat and often drink and the end result is energy dropping, dehydration setting in, focus getting less sharp and overall, just not a good state for your body to be in. HyperAmino is a handy fix for addressing this!

Not only does it encourage hydration and provide electrolytes, but it has a nice little addition of caffeine for improving cognition and reaction time to keep you on top of your mental game. Lastly, sometimes it can be tough to get in as much food as your body needs when in a long gaming session, and that can mean a cascade of negative effects for your metabolism. HyperAmino provides amino acids which help prevent tissue breakdown and rebuild your body.

KOR Lipolytic by Inspired

Rounding out our list, speaking of Inspired Nutraceuticals, they also have another product that can be used to bring your gaming up a level and help get you shredded up a little at the same time and that would be their product KOR Lipolytic Ignitor. This is quite the innovative formula and contains components that hit both fat loss and mental focus. While other products that claim to be ‘fat burners’ are out there, many are ineffective or contain little-to-no ingredients that actively seek out and destroy fat stores or help with the ‘good energy’ but rather just give you anxiety.

KOR is a much more intelligent approach because burning fat and improving focus isn’t just about overloading on stimulants. Rather than just jacking you up on stimulants, KOR contains effective nootropic elements featuring Alpha GPC and Bacopa Monnieri. These ingredients, among its many benefits, Alpha GPC have been shown to increase attention and focus, along with increasing power output during strenuous exercise. Bacopa Monnieri is an Ayurvedic herb that has been shown to increase memory and cognition and the great thing about Bacopa is, the longer you take it, the better it works.

Sometimes you have to outsmart your opponent, and KOR is definitely a product that can help you supplement your game and do just that.

Game On!

So, as you can see from this article, supplements aren’t for just gym rats. They can have a wide array of benefits for all and help you take your game to the next level by improving your focus, reaction time and overall health. Get in the game today and give some supplements a go!