Kadu Show

Suppz Athlete Kadu Wins Super Heavyweight Division At Junior Nationals

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Suppz athlete, Kadu Fernandes (@kadufm on Instagram), recently competed in and won his class in the Super Heavyweight division at Junior Nationals! Kadu works here at Suppz.com and does international sales for us, specializing in his home country of Brazil. Kadu wrote this blog to share his prep leading up to the show and his experience competing in and winning his …

Increase Your Squat

4 Exercises To Drastically Boost Your Squat

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When it comes to building lower body strength, the verdict is in and squats are taking home the gold. Few exercises will strengthen the body like a good old-fashioned squat will, so it’s essential that you have these in your workout protocol. This said, sometimes you may hit a sticking point with you squats where you just can’t crack the …

Phase Load Workout

Phase Load Workout Program

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The Phase Load program is designed to skip one muscle group a week and train one muscle group two times a week. Feel free to use the same concept and do your own exercises. The key is to use the same format (skipping one muscle group a week and doing one muscle group two times a week). You may feel …

Tips for bigger arms

5 Outside-the-Box Tips for Getting Huge Arms

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Let’s face it – we all want large massive looking arms. This is the ultimate sign of male dominance and screams to the world that you are an alpha male that takes charge! The fact is I have hardly met any guys that are satisfied with the size of their arms. It seems like growing large and impressive arms is …

Six Pack Abs Blueprint

The Six Pack Abs Blueprint

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Ever since I was in middle school I have been obsessed with having ripped abs. It seemed like all the guys the girls drooled over in middle school and high school had ripped abs –and to this day it is commonly accepted as the most attractive muscle group to women. One of the reasons ripped abs are probably so attractive …

Fat loss hacks

6 Workout Hacks to Boost Metabolism

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Looking to supercharge your metabolism? If fat loss is a goal for you, it pays to do everything you can to focus on increasing your resting metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate is functioning on a day to day basis, the more calories you will burn and therefore, the less you have to cut back on your food intake …

Guide to Boulders Shoulers

The Complete Guide to Boulder Shoulders

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If you are looking to take your physique to the next level, one of the most important characteristics is massive boulder shoulders. Your shoulder to waist ratio actually has a huge impact on your overall physique, and even your appearance to the opposite sex! Much like a woman with a small waist and ample curves, having thick and massive boulder …