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The scene is set. Picture it along with me, it’s primetime action set for a picture perfect Saturday night. It’s about an hour before game time and for some, the biggest game of these young men’s lives. The teammates move in silence but with a vibe of confidence and quiet, hard focus. They gather as a team on their folding chairs and listen intently to the coach as they cover the strategy one last time, running through the X’s and O’s for taking on their bitter rival. They eat as a team; ensuring proper nutrition and hydration aren’t taken lightly and then gather for one last pump up session to ensure everyone is on the same page and to not let the crowd rattle them before heading out to do battle.


In an industry packed with so many different products, it’s pretty easy to get caught in the whirlwind of marketing, fancy labels and product function claims. With so many choices, how do you know what is legit and what is a waste of your hard earned money? No one wants to buy subpar protein, pay for an amino spiked container or spend the extra dough on a ‘special’ proteins that don’t have any extra benefit.

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Another year has come and gone and that means that just like so many other things in our daily life, it’s time to discuss the ‘top’ products of the past year! This time we’ll be focusing specifically on the top fat burners of 2017! What a better category to discuss than fat buners at a time of year that many are starting weight loss resolutions and looking to better themselves. Now without further ado, here is a breakdown of some of the best products of the category from the past year on Suppz!

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Pictured: NutraBio athlete Brett Hart

Aside from protein and thermogenics (fat burners), pre-workouts are easily the most popular category of supplements. From the early days when they came to the forefront with the emergence of BSN N.O. Xplode to the evolution of the ‘concentrated’ pre-workout when USPLabs Jack3d burst onto the scene, pre-workouts have come a long ways.