MyoBlox Lands At SUPPZ

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MyoBlox has landed at Suppz! Myoblox is a premium supplement line featuring their high powered pre workout, LOCO, Nitric Oxide/Pump BLO, non-stim fat burner RUBIX, and nootropic SKYWALK. Myoblox is one of the coolest, most innovative brands out right now and takes things to the next level with their limited run, premium series. These sell out fast and are made …

Transport and Thyrovate – New Myokem Products For 2016

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Myokem, a company most famous for their top rated pre-workout product, Nitramine, and potent fat burner, Pyroxamine, have released two new products, Thyrovate and Transport. There has been a lot of hype about these items, and with good reason. The main ingredients in Thyrovate, Japanese mugwart, olive leaf, sensoril, and grains of paradise are designed to assist in weight loss, …

Krush It – VMI Sports Releases New Super Stim Pre-Workout

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Who doesn’t love high stimulant pre-workouts? For many, the stim is all that matters when they are selecting a pre workout formula. For a long time, Finaflex Stimul8 was considered the strongest non DMAA pre workout. Many users also reported extremely intense energy from Pro Supps Mr. Hyde. Whatever your preference, for the users of those products, nothing will do except …


Gain Now, Pay Later!

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Have you wanted to kick your training up a notch but don’t have the cash to pay for the supplements you need to get you there? With FuturePay, you can gain now and pay later! FuturePay is a new payment option that lets you pay for your supplements with easy flexible payments. You can now take advantage of the promotions …

Craze V2, by Driven Sports

Craze V2 compared to Craze Original Formula

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Remember the good ol’ days of DS Craze? It seemed like it was everyone’s favorite pre-workout for a while. It won awards. It made you lift harder, stronger, and longer, all while making you feel amazing. That’s what most people experienced anyways. Then people/companies started lab testing Craze, and the findings were not good. It was reported that the original …

Amino Spiking

Purus Labs Responds to Amino Spiking – Clear Facts

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If you’re not familiar with amino-spiking, it’s basically a way for manufacturers to sell you a cheaper, lower quality product, without reflecting that on the label. It makes it really difficult for customers to decide which protein is actually good quality. You can read about it in detail here Purus Labs was not one of the companies spiking their protein, …

iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn – New Fat Burner

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iForce Nutrition has finally released their new fat burner Thermoxyn and it’s a doozie! Thermoxyn Acacia ExtractPlenty of hard-hitting ingredients in this one, and the one I’m most excited about is Acacia Extract. Some have said it’s better than DMAA or even Ephedra! This guy sure likes his Thermoxyn: Thermoxyn Before After Right now we have iForce Thermoxyn for $37.89, … Affiliate Program

Steve General, News Leave a Comment Pays You to Refer Your Friends! Our new affiliate program will get you 12% of your referrals’ purchases. So if you refer someone who makes a $100 purchase, you receive a $12 commission! *** The person must make a purchase within 30 days of clicking your link, for the commission to be paid. Commissions are paid for the first …