Digestive Enzymes – A Thorough Breakdown

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Chances are that if you’ve ever been in a supplement store such as GNC or walked through the health market section of a Whole Foods, you’ve seen the large displays of digestive enzymes. Big, bold letters claiming various functions and promising to support digestion and enhance nutrient absorption among other things. You probably think to yourself, “Well, I feel fine …

Dynamine, TeaCrine and Caffeine: A Synergistic Overview

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Haling out of California, Compound Solutions is one of the hottest names in ingredients in today’s sports nutrition market place. Known for a variety of branded ingredients, easily the hottest ingredient that they have right now is TeaCrine and the new comer, Dynamine. In a climate that was long dominated by now ‘banned’ stimulants such as DMAA, AMP Citrate and …

chill out sleep supplements

Chill Out: An Examination of Sleep & Relaxation Supplements

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It’s no secret…in this day and age, people need to chill out a bit. From the overuse of stimulants such as caffeine in a world consumed with high-power coffee and energy drinks, the prevalence of anxiety and poor sleep quality is a common issue. Defined as “an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physical signs …

nootropic supplements

Nootropic Supplements: An Elevated State Of Mind

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Introduction: What Are Nootropics? One of the fastest growing categories of supplements in the market today, both sports nutrition and general use is that of nootropics. ‘Brain boosters’, if you will, nootropics is an umbrella term used to classify a wide category of chemicals, both natural and synthetic, that provide positive cognitive benefits to the human brain. The term was …

Joint Support Supplements

Joint Support Supplements: An In Depth Guide

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As a young adult, I’m sure you heard elders complain about stiff, aching joints or even worse, heard from your grandparents just how awful the onset of arthritis can be. With young, healthy and functioning joints, it’s often easy to forget just how much we move on a daily basis and how an imperfection in joint function can be a …

multi vitamin definitive guide

Multi Vitamins: A Definitive Guide

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If you are like me who grew up as a kid in 90’s America, you remember every morning waking up, going downstairs and chewing down a Flinstone’s multivitamin and it was the first highlight of your day. Looking back in hindsight and if you were to taste those same multivitamins these days, you would chalk another item up to nostalgia …

omega 3 science

Cutting The Fat: The Science of Omega-3 Fish Oil

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In the world of nutrition, there are certain elements that stand head and shoulders above the rest in regards to how crucial and beneficial when it comes to the cardiovascular system, metabolism, cells and overall health, and in this case, omega-3 fatty acids are one of them. Often considered to be a ‘super’ fat, if used properly, omega-3s can greatly …

Testosterone 101: The Science

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One of the most crucial hormones in the human body is also consequently one of the biggest lightning rods of controversy in the health community. Misunderstood for many reasons in regards to what it is, what it does and the applications it is used for, testosterone is a hot topic that isn’t going away anytime soon, and rightfully so. If …

Beyond The Label: Protein Powder

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Protein: This is single-handedly the most researched over the counter supplement in the history of sports nutrition. Consisting of a full spectrum of amino acids that include all the essential amino acids (EAA) including the popular branched chain amino acids (BCAA), the most common term that is thrown around from which people describe the mechanism by which protein benefits those …

EAA’s VS BCAA’s: The Truth About Amino Acids

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When we think intra-workout supplementation, we often find ourselves thinking BCAA, BCAA, BCAA, but what about Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)? For years we’ve been led to believe that BCAAs are all you need for intra-workout supplementation, but research shows that isn’t the case [1]. BCAA use has been promoted in various manners: All day sipping, which turned out to blunt MPS …