Pre-Kaged VS Pre-Jym

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Pre Kaged vs Pre Jym Comparing Two Top of the Line Pre-Workout Products: Why You Should Choose Pre-Kaged Over Pre-Jym Throughout this article, we will be going back and forth between Pre-Kaged and Pre-Jym, for easier reading, Pre-Kaged will be abbreviated by PK, while Pre-Jym will be abbreviated PJ. In terms of pre-workouts, Pre-Kaged and Pre-Jym are about as good …

Healthy carbs

Why Carbs Are “In”

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If you’re on a mission to lose fat, chances are good at one time or another you have tried a low carb diet. Low carb diets are extremely popular and they can produce good results. But do they produce truly great results? Often not. Low carb diets are flawed for a few different reasons. The fact is that adding carbs …


Is Creatine Right For You?

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Looking to give your workout a boost? One supplement you’ll definitely want to consider is creatine. It’s one of the most talked about and utilized supplements in the fitness industry and for good reason: when used properly, it works very well. It’s also a highly researched supplement, and with so many studies to back it, it’s one that you can …

Pre-Workout Supplements

5 Things To Know Before Using A Pre-Workout Supplement

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Thinking about using a pre-workout supplement? Many people turn to these to give their workout an edge and it can definitely help you go that extra mile. But, before you dive in and start using a pre-workout supplement, there are a few things that you’ll want to know first. Not all pre-workout supplements are created the same and not everyone …

Simple weight loss plan

Simple Weight Loss – Your 5 Step Fat Scorching Diet

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Tired of being on complex diets that leave you confused and frustrated? Have you read up on the latest diet plans only to find that it takes a PhD to understand how they work? You aren’t alone. The vast majority of people out there struggle with fat loss simply because they just don’t understand how to make a diet work. …

Nuts and Bodybuilding

5 Types of Nuts for a Healthy Body and Brain

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When it comes to boosting your health, you simply can’t go wrong with nuts. Nuts are an excellent way to help boost your satiety between meals thanks to their high fat, high fiber combination. Nuts are calorie dense, so you do need to be careful about how many you eat, but the good news is that in moderation they should …

Energy without caffeine

The Caffeine-Free Way to Jumpstart Your Morning

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Do you rely on a cup of coffee to get you out of bed first thing in the morning? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. Millions of people everywhere need this morning ‘fuel’, so to speak, to function optimally. It’s unfortunate however as too much caffeine, especially over the long-term can lead to a worn out CNS, withdrawal headaches, jitteriness, …

Crossfit Supplements

5 Supplements Every CrossFitter Should Take to Recover Faster

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Your CrossFit workouts are brutal. They sap every ounce of energy and require every fiber of muscular strength and endurance. At the end of your WOD, your body is breaking down muscle fiber and totally depleted of glycogen. To start and speed up your recovery, there are certain supplements to help you recover faster. Of course, getting your lean proteins, …