Ketogenic Dieting

You’re So Keto Bro! – Ketogenic Dieting

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By now, if you are remotely connected to the fitness world, you are probably aware of the recent emergence of keto. It can truly be a game changing diet method if implemented right, but most underestimate just how challenging a true keto diet is and how counterproductive it can be if done incorrectly. Despite its surge in popularity, keto is …

lipodrene vs hydroxyelite

Lipodrene VS HydroxyElite – Hi Tech Fat Burners Review

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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is known for pushing the envelope on many things when it comes to creating hardcore supplements. Leaving no doubt that a product will pack a punch and leave the user feeling the effects of their stimulant driven products, they have rolled out numerous pre-workouts and thermogenics that are known for being some of the hardest hitting on …


The Bro Survival Guide for Thanksgiving

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You’ve survived the month of October…that means that you’ve waded through the piles of garbage calories from all the Halloween candy, dodged the pumpkin-f**king spice everything and managed to stay cut up for looking like a beast or goddess in the Halloween costume you planned on rocking for the last 5 months. Now that you have urge of painting yourself …

whey protein concentrate vs isolate

Whey Protein Concentrate VS Whey Protein Isolate

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Everywhere you turn your head you will see a form of whey protein for sale on sports nutrition websites.  Different brands, sizes, flavors, profiles and protein types makes it difficult for the customer to know what they are buying. Typically, a customer will buy a product with kick-ass packaging or a brand name they’ve seen before.  However, it is way …

whey protien concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate – The Facts

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The classic whey protein concentrate is a tried and true staple that has been used among many fitness circles for years. It naturally has a higher quality protein than milk, egg, soy and other plant based protein varieties. Additionally, it contains high amounts of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids which are leucine, isoleucine and valine. These play a critical …

best protein bar comparison

Top Protein Bars 2017 List

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Whether you need a quick and portable option for getting in some calories, are looking for a healthier alternative for a snack or are simply trying to increase the amount of protein in you daily diet, protein bars are a great option. They have come a long way over the past few years and long lost are the days of …