Digestive Enzymes – A Thorough Breakdown

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Chances are that if you’ve ever been in a supplement store such as GNC or walked through the health market section of a Whole Foods, you’ve seen the large displays of digestive enzymes. Big, bold letters claiming various functions and promising to support digestion and enhance nutrient absorption among other things. You probably think to yourself, “Well, I feel fine …

Kadu Show

Suppz Athlete Kadu Wins Super Heavyweight Division At Junior Nationals

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Suppz athlete, Kadu Fernandes (@kadufm on Instagram), recently competed in and won his class in the Super Heavyweight division at Junior Nationals! Kadu works here at Suppz.com and does international sales for us, specializing in his home country of Brazil. Kadu wrote this blog to share his prep leading up to the show and his experience competing in and winning his …

EAA’s VS BCAA’s: The Truth About Amino Acids

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When we think intra-workout supplementation, we often find ourselves thinking BCAA, BCAA, BCAA, but what about Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)? For years we’ve been led to believe that BCAAs are all you need for intra-workout supplementation, but research shows that isn’t the case [1]. BCAA use has been promoted in various manners: All day sipping, which turned out to blunt MPS …

Boost test by running

Ten Unusual Ways to Increase Your Testosterone That Actually Work!

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All men agree that testosterone is everything for them and there’s no exaggeration in this statement. They are meant to spread their seed, make a family and protect them. However, it’s worth knowing that besides maintaining a good sex drive, testosterone is also the key element in building muscle and maintaining body fat below the line. Furthermore, some studies even …

Ketogenic Dieting

You’re So Keto Bro! – Ketogenic Dieting

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By now, if you are remotely connected to the fitness world, you are probably aware of the recent emergence of keto. It can truly be a game changing diet method if implemented right, but most underestimate just how challenging a true keto diet is and how counterproductive it can be if done incorrectly. Despite its surge in popularity, keto is …