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BPI Verifies Protein Content with Chromadex

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite protein powder came to be, or better yet wondered if the contents of the container are what the label actually says? BPI Sports co-founder James Grage has taken great strides in sports nutrition by providing you peace of mind with the introduction of a third party testing agency called Chromadex.

James travelled from sunny Florida to Wisconsin (Suppz’s state) to document exactly how their whey protein was manufactured, from the life of the cow, all the way to the protein container.

The first step in the creation of BPI’s protein starts with happy and healthy cows.
Wisconsin dairy farmers believe happy cows produce high quality milk.

Liquid whey is loaded onto a truck and transported to the protein manufacturing facility where it goes through pasteurization and filtration. Seven hundred and twenty pounds of raw liquid whey will yield only one five pound container of protein powder.
BPI uses a unique cold temperature method where the liquid is sent through stainless steel tubes with ceramic filters. This process separates the protein from the fats and the lactose that results in a finished product being very high in protein, while still containing the necessary micronutrients. This method differs from others in that they do not use chemicals that denature the quality of the protein and reduce the amount of micronutrients the protein contains.

The liquid is then pumped through a dryer containing hot and cold air that separates liquid from the solids. The end result is a 90% whey isolate protein powder where it is then checked for quality protein content and bagged in its raw form.

Each individual ingredient is then weighed and measured before the flavors are added in. It then goes through a high-speed paddle blender ensuring complete uniformity before being filled into large bags. Each protein bottle is sanitized before being weighed, filled, and quality checked to ensure each and every bottle has exactly what it states.
Bottles are selected at random and tested in a laboratory to ensure one final time that each bottle has what the label suggests.
The last and final step in the process is quality verification from Chromadex where it will receive the coveted “Chromadex Quality Verification Seal” upon successful completion.

“Going forward, the Chromadex Verification Seal will be added to the entire line of BPI protein powders, indicating that each product has been 3rd Party Tested and Verified for quality and consistency.
BPI has a true passion for what they do and that is why they go to such great lengths in bringing the consumer the absolute best quality supplements, which means the best results when it comes to your fitness goals”.
– James Grage