7 Foods You Should Be Buying If You’re On A Budget

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Food is expensive, we know!

But you have to eat right if you want to grow. (This does not mean Ramen noodles).

Here’s a list of 7 healthy foods to buy if you’re on a budget.

1. Oats

Quaker Oats
As far as calories go, oats are probably the most cost efficient healthy food.

A small canister of Quaker Oats costs $2-$3, and contains about 2,000 calories! And about 150g protein for the whole canister.

Just think, if you were a homeless person you could probably survive on a canister of oats each day.

You don’t need to prepare them either. I just put them in a bowl and add a bit of water.

The downside of oats is that they really lack micronutrients. (General guideline: any “white” food is probably going to lack micronutrients)

Gluten free, if you’re into that.


2. Beans

Pinto Beans
If I could only eat one item from this list, it would probably be beans.
A can of organic pinto beans costs $0.99, and it has around 350 calories, 20g protein, and 50g carbs. Not much in the fat department, but beans are still a pretty “complete” food item.

You can buy them in bags too, but I like the quickness of canned beans. I just open the can, give the beans a quick rinse, and put them in a pot on the stove for a few minutes.



Hello healthy fats!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an anti-inflammatory oil, made mostly of omega-9 fatty acids.
There are sooo many health benefits from this oil, and it’s super cheap too!
Use EVOO instead of vegetable oil for cooking, and gulp a couple tablespoons if you need to squeeze in some extra calories but you don’t feel like eating.

You get around 4000 calories (100% fat) for $10 or less.


4. Sweet Potatoes/Yams

Sweet potatoes are a great source of cheap, healthy carbs. They are not going to be as cheap as oats, but they are packed with micronutrients (as are most naturally colorful foods).

Also gluten free.

I like to peel mine, cut them into cubes/chunks, and boil them for about 20 minutes. Strain and put into tupperware so they are ready whenever you need them!

5. Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna
Quick protein that you can take anywhere. Depending where you shop, you can get tuna for $1 per can, or even cheaper. This should net you around 20g protein. Good Omega-3s too.

I just eat mine straight out of the can. I especially like the cans with the pull tab, because then I don’t even need to use a can opener. But usually those ones are more expensive.


6. Protein Powder

Protein Powders
Ok yes this is a supplement, but it’s basically food. Whey protein powder is made from milk.
This is one of the most cost-efficient sources of protein, as most 25g servings are only around $1.
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7. Almonds/Almond butter

Peanuts and peanut butter are actually cheaper than almonds and almond butter, but a pretty big number of people have allergies to peanuts.

Almonds are the next cheapest, and packed with healthy fats and protein.

Almond butter is definitely not as tasty as peanut butter, but it gets the job done. Pretty good on celery sticks.

You can get a jar for around $7, which has around 2000 calories. 175g fat, and 65g protein.


Those are some of our favorites. Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite budget health food?