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5 Things To Know Before Using A Pre-Workout Supplement

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Thinking about using a pre-workout supplement? Many people turn to these to give their workout an edge and it can definitely help you go that extra mile.

But, before you dive in and start using a pre-workout supplement, there are a few things that you’ll want to know first.

Not all pre-workout supplements are created the same and not everyone should be using the same product.

Let’s go over some of the key things that you need to know so that you can choose wisely.

1. Check For The Total Caffeine Content

The very first point to note about using pre-workout products is that most of these products will contain quite a good dose of caffeine. Some have so much caffeine that you may experience unwanted symptoms from it.

If you are someone who is sensitive to caffeine or you already use a lot of caffeine in your everyday life (coffee or energy drinks, etc.), you’ll want to be pay attention to the total caffeine content in any pre-workout supplement that you are considering.

Always remember that caffeine doesn’t just come from stated caffeine. It can also be listed in green tea extract as well as guarana, which is another form of caffeine.

Don’t take chances with this one. Too much caffeine can really interfere with your sleep quality and sleep is essential to your workout success.

Mr. Hyde Preworkout
ProSupps Mr. Hyde contains 419mg caffeine per serving, so we don’t recommend this if you’re sensitive to stimulants!

GAT PMP caffeine-free preworkout
GAT PMP is a stimulant-free preworkout supplement.

2. Watch Out For Proprietary Blends

The next thing you’ll want to watch out for is something called a ‘proprietary blend’. This is basically a combination of ingredients where the manufacturers of the product do not tell you precisely how much of each ingredient is in it.

It’s like their ‘top secret’ formula. And while it’s great they want to keep their product a bit more secretive, it makes it very challenging to know what you are really getting.

Often supplement companies will use a lot of fillers in their product and this can result in you not seeing many benefits. You could end up paying a pretty high price for not much of anything.

Whenever possible, steer clear of products with these proprietary blends. If they can’t tell you how much is in it, you shouldn’t put your trust in the product.

MTS Ruckus Pre-workout
MTS Ruckus fully discloses amounts of all ingredients.

3. Know Your Goals First

It’s also important before choosing a pre-workout product that you clearly define your goals for the product first.

Do you want more energy? More vascularity and pump during the workout? Or perhaps you want to increase your strength and endurance? Others may be looking for a mental boost and that’s all they’re really interested in.

Knowing what you want to achieve from the pre-workout can help you make the right decision on which one to use. While most pre-workout products will benefit you in a few different ways so you don’t have to choose just one goal or the other, when you have these goals clear in your mind, they can help guide you on your selection.

NooPump Preworkout
MAN Sports NooPump enhances your pump and provides nootropic (brain) support.

4. Read Up On Side Effects

We already noted the potential side effects that caffeine can have, but along with that, also read up on any other ingredients the supplement contains so you are prepared for any potential side effects that may occur.

For instance, bitter orange can lead to racing heart rates and feelings of being jittery. Beta alanine can lead to a tingly feeling after you take it.

Being prepared and knowing the potential side effects will help put your mind at ease as you use the product.

Pre-Kaged preworkout
Many supplements, including Pre-Kaged, include beta alanine. This is a powerful ingredient, but it can cause a temporary “pins and needles” feeling in your skin.

5. Don’t Expect The Product To Do All The Work

Finally, the last tip to know and remember about taking a pre-workout product is that you should never expect to just take a pre-workout and expect results.

While it’s certainly true that a good pre-workout can help you workout harder, it’s you who gets the results. All a pre-workout does is make it easier to do the work necessary to see those results.

This is especially true with pre-workouts that are designed to also help accelerate fat burning. You can’t take the pre-workout and put in a mediocre level of effort and expect to see success. You need to work hard with that pre-workout, which will then amplify your metabolic rate and level of calorie burning. Together, those will bring you the success you’re after.

So keep these points in mind about the pre-workout products you’re considering. You definitely can see excellent results if you choose wisely and use it with proper expectations.