5 Helpful Tips to Stick with Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution

Evan Ewing General Leave a Comment

The start of the New Year is always a great time to tackle some health and fitness goals that may have put on your backburner from last year. The New Year brings a clean slate for many to start 2016 on a positive note. However, setting a fitness goal is far different from achieving it and there can be many bumps on that road that will test your dedication. These 5 tips will not only help you succeed with your New Year’s resolutions but they will help you to adopt fitness as a part of your lifestyle.

1. Set realistic small goals

Keep your expectations realistic
When you are motivated to make some big changes in your life, it is easy to set some huge goals. The problem with setting big goals is that they often become unrealistic for the time period that you want to achieve them leaving you discouraged and ultimately giving up on the resolution all together.

I encourage you to set small realistic goals. Set a new goal each week and work to achieve it. Week by week you will be making changes and overtime they will all add up to be a big change in your life for the positive.

Each week you will feel a sense of pride and increased self-esteem which will help keep you motivated to continue to make changes.

2. Plan ahead

Meal prep
A main reason why people fail any goal in general is that they do not properly prepare themselves.

When working out, it is very important to have a plan of action that works well with the goals that you want to achieve. If you want to build muscle then it will not benefit you much if you are only doing cardio and no resistance training.

It is also very important to plan ahead with diet as well. If you prep your meals ahead of time it will ensure that you don’t miss meals and buy food out. If you miss one meal and replace it with fast food you will be a lot more likely to do the same again later that day or just scrap the whole resolution in general.

I find it beneficial to designate a day for preparing some meals for the week, that way there is no reason to eat fast food or buy food out. The more consistent you are with diet the faster your goals will be reached whether you are bulking or trying to lose fat.

3. Get a workout partner

Gym partner
When setting a goal it is very important to hold yourself accountable for achieving that. You can do so by getting a workout partner that shares the same goals as you. You can hold each other accountable making it very hard to back out or skip workouts because it will directly affect your partner and their goals as well.

Having a workout partner also helps with positive encouragement which allows you to really push your limits and get the most out of your training. Going to the gym will become more exciting and more enjoyable if you have a workout partner enjoying the experience with you.

4. Choose exercise that you find enjoyable

Basketball for exercise
When people begin a workout routine a lot of them get caught up in the monotonous exercises like running on a treadmill for example. Doing that same exercise every day for weeks will not only plateau your progress it will also get extremely boring causing an individual to become unmotivated to continue working towards their goals.

The best exercise for you is the exercise that you find the most enjoyable.

For example if a person is trying to lose weight and needs to be more active, try doing different forms of cardio other than running. It is important for someone who has not exercised at all to just be active in some way shape or form. Just the slightest bit of activity can help someone who is sedentary.

Some different ways to be active include swimming, basketball, racquet ball, hiking, biking, ice skating, walking, etc. the list goes on and on. If you find the activity that you are doing enjoyable, you will be more likely to adopt it as part of your lifestyle rather than seeing exercise as just a burden hanging over your head.

5. Track results and keep records

Take progress pics
As you begin to achieve your small goals each week, be sure to track your results and keep those records.

Take a photo when you start your regimen to remind yourself of where you came from but also to motivate yourself to continue to make changes. Write down your workouts each day and how much weight you did, how fast you ran, or how long you did cardio, the intensity, etc.

Knowing all of that information, you will be able to increase all of those variables week to week ensuring that you are making progress. If you don’t track it you may just be spinning your wheels or even regressing instead of progressing towards your goals.

All of this will serve as proof to yourself and others of what you are capable of and will also motivate you to continue the good work.

In conclusion, you can see that there are many reasons why people give up on their New Year’s resolutions. I hope that these tips can help you to stick with your goals and ultimately adopt a healthy lifestyle. You will see others around you drop out and quit, that should only serve as motivation to continue because you have the dedication to keep pushing forward.

The ultimate point here is to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle not just a chore that you HAVE to do. Living healthy and being fit should be enjoyable. It will not be easy but I hope these 5 tips help you get started and stick with your goals.