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Ten Unusual Ways to Increase Your Testosterone That Actually Work!

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All men agree that testosterone is everything for them and there’s no exaggeration in this
statement. They are meant to spread their seed, make a family and protect them. However, it’s
worth knowing that besides maintaining a good sex drive, testosterone is also the key element in
building muscle and maintaining body fat below the line. Furthermore, some studies even show that having a good level of testosterone can also prevent men from health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even depression. With aging though, things change and the level of testosterone is seriously affected unless you do anything to avoid this. Here’s a list of ten unusual, yet highly effective ways you can increase your testosterone.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

You may find this intriguing, but the
way you sit on the chair or stand up has a lot to do with your testosterone. According to some
recent studies performed by people at both Columbia and Harvard University, body posture and cortisol are strongly connected and two minutes of exercising a day can actually make the
difference between good and bad level of testosterone. If you didn’t hear about “High power
posing”, it’s time you had. The way you sit can give you more self-confidence and make you feel
more powerful, which directly affects and increases your testosterone by up to 20%!

Win More!

Believe it or not, men who tend to win more also have higher testosterone levels. Whether
you win when playing various games, when participating in different competitions or for instance
when winning even small amounts of money in the lottery, all of these have a great influence on
your body. At least this is what the University of Nebraska says after measuring both cortisol and
testosterone levels in 6 university tennis players. Scientists followed the players across all their
matches during an entire season and in the end, they reached the astonishing result – winning and
cortisol are highly connected. Before most matches, players’ testosterone levels rose and they rose
even more for those who won the matches. This also gave players a better mood and made them
feel more optimistic about their next matches.

Anabolic Running

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “anabolic running” is a form of cardio running that helps men burn fat fast, build muscle and increase their hormone levels. Only 16 minutes each week is enough for you
to make your testosterone level great again. Also, it helps demolish that anesthetic and stubborn belly fat, ramp-up your sexual performance and libido and get those massive muscle pumps you have always wanted.


When it comes to Yoga, most people only think of those tangled Yoga postures that only
“people with no bones” can do, but this is far from the truth. There are some simple-to- do postures
and many of them also have a good impact on your body and health and one very good example is
“The Cobra”. Simply stretching for 3 minutes in this Yoga position can increase testosterone levels
up to 33%! While sitting in the Cobra position, breathe deeply and think of different positive
thoughts to relax your mind.

Drink Water

You’re probably fed up with this piece of advice you encounter at every step – in your
doctor’s office, on the TV, on the Internet… Everywhere! Well, those who say “Drink enough water!”
sure know what they are saying. It has been discovered that staying hydrated has a huge impact on
many aspects of the human body, including maintaining a good level of male-hormone. So, stop
ignoring this and drink more water if you want to stay and feel young for a longer period.

Get Enough Sleep

Just as drinking enough water per day, having enough sleep at night is extremely important
for a great T level. Scientists from the University of Chicago Medical Centre have stated that those
who had rested for 8 hours a night had higher testosterone (up to 15% more), compared to those
who had managed no more than 5 hours.

Watch Matched of Your Favorite Team

There’s a very good reason now why men should sit down at least once a week and watch
their favorite sports team playing. Recent studies performed at Georgia State University have
shown that men experienced a significant 28% growth in their male-hormone levels after watching
games of the teams they are big fans of. So, from now on, if anyone tells you that you watch too
much football or soccer, for instance, you have a strong argument to tell them.

Cold Showers

Some time ago, some Russian powerlifters made a huge discovery that they had higher
chances to perform better if they’re boys were dipped in ice water right before their competition.
By doing so, their testosterone levels increased, which would give them more power and efficiency
to lift weights. But you don’t have to do the same. A cold shower every once in a while, can have the
same effect.


What you eat tells a lot about you. There are various foods out there that can give your
testosterone level a boost. Oily fish, oysters, and raw eggs are only some examples of foods you
should include in your diet.


Everyone knows that probiotics help a lot with immune system function, not to mention
about digestion. However, when it comes to men, probiotics bring something “extra”, in the sense that they help lower their cortisol levels and increase their testosterone instead.

These ways of increasing the T levels may seem unusual, but they are simple, easy to do
and, what’s most important, they actually work! Boost your testosterone level starting today!

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